Rich people and the long-stifled dream

So today I run across a book titled “and I shall have some peace there” by Margaret Roach, the former editorial director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (and if that’s not a freaky title I don’t know what is!). Ms Roach “made the life-altering decision to leave New York City and a career” to move to “upstate New York, where she could connect with nature and her first passion: her garden.”

Ofercryinoutloud! She’s rich and bought some land! Her checklist for dealing with winter: “Buy a portable generator,” “Change Saab tires over to snows,” “Buy two sets of Yaktrax cramponlike grippers for my shoes,” “Keep BlackBerry and cell phone charged.” Yikes!

This is all just so wrong.  And so typical of the recent glut of rich people who write about living the rural life!  I hate this book!