Take two movies and call me in the morning

We limit the amount of TV the family watches. We don’t have cable or satellite TV. We live in a really rural area so that even broadcast TV is not really an option. So movies we own or borrow from the library are our viewing options.

Last week, when we were so sick I thought I’d have to call the president and have him declare a state of national emergency at our address, I brought home two movies.

“Toy Story 2” is a perennial favorite. Perfect to vegetate by.

“The Three Musketeers” was a total surprise. This is the 1948 version with Gene Kelly as D’Artagnan. The fencing scenes are extraordinary. They’re played for laughs to a certain extent, and Gene Kelly’s grace and physical strength take your breath away. My six-year old son was nearly beside himself with the excitement of this movie!

Ah the therapeutic effects of a good movie.


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