180 pounds of pig feed

Saturday morning I drove over to a near-by organic hog farm and bought some feed.

He has hundreds of pigs, housed in huge nylon hoop houses. Pigs! hogs! Hundreds of them, rooting around and grunting and, yes, oinking. I was surrounded by bacon!

I had driven my aging 4-door sedan and loaded it up with 6 5-gallon buckets. We filled the buckets and I arranged them on the seats. It turns out that 6 5-gallon buckets is equivalent to 180 pounds of feed.

As I drive home I figure that each of our two pigs eat about 6 pounds of feed a day. That’s 12 pounds a day, so this carload of buckets filled with feed will last about 2 weeks. I’m a one-man bucket brigade for pigs!


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