March 2, 2011

Up at 5:30 am. The wind was blowing last night and I knew I’d have to plow the driveway in the morning.
Drank a cup of Earl Grey tea on the couch in the kitchen and read more of a biography of John Henry Newman.
Then out the door by 6:20 am.
It’s -9 degrees, but no wind and at that time of the morning there are so few sounds. The air is still and frozen. It’s like being in a droplet of ice.
The sun hasn’t come up yet, but the eastern horizon is warming up with the pink hues of sunrise.
The battery is dead in the tractor so I jump-start it with the car. It starts and I’m on my way.
I break through the drifts like the pointed prow of a ship. The snow splits into blocks. A mental note to tell the kids about this: they can build snow-houses out of the blocks.
Our driveway is about 75 yards long, and after a few passes it looks pretty good. I pull out the snowblower to do the finish work.
As I blow the snow, I look and the sunrise is just spectacular. Pink, purple and gold, like a medieval tapestry.
The driveway cleared, I feed and water the horse, chickens, and our new arrivals, two feeder pigs. More on that later.
Chores done, I come back into the house. Jenna is cooking breakfast. Scrambled eggs, fresh bread, and thick cut bacon. As she puts it, “a farm breakfast for doing the farm chores.”


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